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Tarzan of the Toy

Solo Programmer | Game designer

Instead of traditional controllers, we use 3 different Arduino modules working together to create a special game experience. We create a more unique and more immersive experience by mapping the behaviors of the characters and the players. This is a 3-player game, in which each player uses a different input module. Player One uses two pressure sensors on rock-climbing holds to simulate the climbing interaction. Player Two uses a joystick to navigate the Monster that blows the wind. Player Three blows into a sound sensor to blow the climber character's body up. You need to climb to make the character climb, actually blow to blow (Although some players invented fun versions: physically scream to the sound sensor or squeeze rubber duck). This control scheme makes the game experience more intuitive. The game is designed for a game festival night in the Entertainment Technology Center (ETC) at CMU. This control scheme makes the game experience more intuitive for guests.

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