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Die An Otter Day!

Beyond Touch is an ETC project team supported by Gierad Laput from Apple. Our goal is to leverage the unique capabilities of the Apple Watch, a wearable device that enables real-time body data collection, in gaming experiences. Our team will design and develop various games based on the data provided by the Apple Watch, develop servers for data sharing, and ultimately create a suite of mini-game "Die An Otter Day" where players augment the Apple Watch to enhance reality gameplay.

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My Role

Game Developer

This is a working project that will last a year. An TestFlight will be ready for playtest soon. And before this summer, we will release out initial version on App Store for downloading.

By recording real-time data and sharing it with other players, including heart rate, volume (DB), and footsteps, the game introduces different challenges that require player’s actions: These actions either initiate or passively induce changes in the player’s real-time data points. The alteration of body data will lead to subjective or objective game decisions.

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