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  • Completed all programming tasks as a solo programmer for this serious game where players solve puzzles to learn astronomical and engineering knowledge of the James Webb Space Telescope using C#, Unity, and Visual Studio.

  • Won over $10,000 bonus as subsequent development funds.

  • Won Excellence In Socially Valuable at China University Student Game Award.

  • Won Golden Award at the World Metaverse Design Contest.

  • Won Best Science Education Game and displayed at the China Indie Game Alliance Developers Conference.


Music: We Choose To Go To The Moon by There's a Light

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 Through maneuvering the protagonist character through a set of blueprints, the player collects crucial knowledge of the device through intricately designed puzzles that encourage learning and creativity. As a serious game, it uses real-world physics to make the game less rigid and make it a more joyful experience.

The wonderful sense of connection between three dimensions and two dimensions is very interesting.

Game Overview

Game Visual


Level Design

Game Flow

gameflow (1).png

Level Selection Interface


Level Design

Intro Level

The intro level uses a simple small level to teach players the basic control of the game while understanding the basic structure of Webb.


Optical System

Level 01

The Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) is Webb's primary imager that will cover the infrared wavelength range 0.6 to 5 microns. NIRCam will detect light from the earliest stars and galaxies in the process of formation, the population of stars in nearby galaxies, as well as young stars in the Milky Way and Kuiper Belt objects.

1. Carefully adjust the angle of each lens and observe the light path.

2. Sometimes, it is necessary to go to a different view in order to adjust the lenses

3. Until the reflection of the optics forms the correct optical path!

Deployment Sequence

Level 02

Over the next two weeks, the Webb telescope will begin an unprecedentedly complex transformation process until it is finally fully configured. "We sometimes call Webb the 'Transformer Telescope,'" explained Amy Lo, an engineer at Northrop Grumman, the Webb telescope's prime contractor.

1. Solar Array Deployment

2. High Gain Antenna Deployment

3. SunShield Pallet Deployment

4. Deployable Tower Assembly

6. Sunshield Midboom Deployment

5. Momentum Flap Deployment

7. Secondary Mirror Support Structure

8. Primary Mirror Wing Deployment

屏幕截图(943) 1.png

Mirror Alignment & Phasing

Level 03

"We have 18 mirrors, and I like to think of them as a noisy group of singers in a room, all singing their own," said Jane Rigby, Webb operations program scientist. "We have to make them work like a choir, which is a rather tedious process."

1. Find the rotation symbol in the manuscript and place the rotation symbol in the middle of any three mirrors.

2. Three pieces of mirror counterclockwise change position without adjusting angles.

3. Until all lenses reach the correct position, the light converges to the secondary mirror.



Create juicy & joyful concentric interactions using the physics engine.
image 489_edited.png

Watch your head!

Mouse click and use your brain waves to move objects!

Group 178.png

Press the space bar to slide the zip line to switch scenes and have fun!

Press shift to accelerate and turn into Hercules!

The character's flexible simulation of gravity-free body movement adds a lot of fun.

Sound feedback can bring players a more realistic and physics-imitating experience.

Players interacting with different objects will feel different gravity and resistance, you need to properly adjust their acceleration to change the size of the force.

As a serious game, it may not have a fancy rewarding system. But the fun and satisfaction lie in the juicy interactions and funny feedback itself.

Instant feedback with colors.

Create a realistic sense of physical feedback.

Game Settings


The scientist’s thinking and imagination condensed in the design drawings, which turns into a small astronaut.

Character Design

Input System

Keyboard / Gamepad

Group 673.png


Knowledge Collecting

After passing each level, the knowledge in the level will be collected here.


Player Testings & Exhibition

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