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  • Developed the game independently as my undergrad thesis project.

  • Using Unity Engine, C#, Visual Studio, Blender, Substance Painter.


Game Concept

King of the Assembly Line is an attempt to create a unique narrative using a game.
“Assembly line youth” is a group born under the grand history of China's urbanization. They refer to the rural youths who dropped out of school and migrated into the city to work in factories during the wave of urbanization. They often engage in simple and repetitive factory labor for no less than ten hours a day, living in rented houses or group dormitories.
Being in the city, but isolated from actual urban life, they are like peacocks that can never fly out of the factories. This is a narrative experience highlighting “conflict”: the assembly line youth’s unconscious rebellion against a world that denies their existence. This "rebellion" is more like a sense of conflict between the shiny, wild, free, innocent, and sensitive elements in them and the grey, absurd reality of their situation.
They are not merely steel screws of a giant machine. They are full of the wildest imaginations of life.

Game Visual

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